Ashley & Mike

Saturday could not have been more perfect for a Wisconsin barn wedding! Two great people surrounded by friends and family on a beautiful day.
What more could you ask for?
When we arrived at Ashley’s home, her and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done, anxiously awaiting the exciting day ahead. As Ashley slipped on her lacy champagne dress, everyone admired how incredible she looked.
While they finished getting ready, we drove over to meet the guys who were getting ready at Ashley’s brothers house. Earlier I had mentioned to Ashley that I still hadn’t met Mike, to which she responded: “Oh, you’ll meet him.” When I finally did meet him, I realized what she meant. He is a very animated and outspoken individual with SO MUCH personality. The groomsmen and his six (yes, SIX) ushers were fully ready when we arrived and were very eager to party. 
Mike and Ashley planned their first look on top of a hill that overlooked all of Fall River. Ashley rode with us to meet her groom. [Side note: I had my first off-road experience in the Jeep to get to the top of that hill and I was NOT let down!]
Mike’s reaction to seeing Ashley was nothing less than perfect.
Being able to see them together for the first time gave me chills.
Their love for each other is crystal clear.
The Bride and Groom joined their wedding party for a few beers as they relaxed before the ceremony. As I looked down the driveway, I saw two tractors pulling some pretty awesome trailers. Let’s just say that any Packer lover would be impressed.
The wedding party piled into the wagons and headed to Ashley’s house where the ceremony would be held. I was informed that not only was this location important because it is where Ashley grew up, but Ashley’s parents had also been married on the very same land. How special is that?!
Friends and family began to pour in and fill the hay bale seats that lined the backyard. A violinist played Canon in D and the procession began.
Ashley’s father proudly walked his little girl down the aisle and Mike looked on at his beautiful bride. The ceremony was filled with kind and thoughtful words including vows written by Mike and Ashley themselves. Guests teared up and simultaneously burst into laughter as the couple expressed their feelings for one another. During the ceremony, the Bride and Groom planted a tree to symbolize the planting of their roots and their everlasting love for each other.
Mike and Ashley were then pronounced husband and wife and walked happily together for the first time as a married couple.
The guests made their way over to the wonderfully decorated barn down the road and enjoyed a popcorn bar and fun games while awaiting dinner. After they were seated, the wedding party arrived and the maid of honor and best man gave a couple of amazing speeches. 
The DJ released each table to the buffet via trivia questions. For example, name the five NFL teams that start with the letter “B” and who built the Eiffel tower (which was answered correctly by a 7 year old boy).  The guests enjoyed their meals and helped themselves to a pretty extensive cookie bar.
There is no doubt that everyone had a great time celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Hemling.

Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us to capture your wedding. I hope that every time you look at these photos, it brings you back to this perfect day. <3

  1. Ralph Hemling says:

    Awesome pictures. Great job!!!!

  2. Linda says:

    Great Job. They were awesome

  3. Ashley says:

    All the pictures look amazing!!!! Thank you so much Kayla!!!

  4. Brooklyn Ewing says:

    Love love love these! Captured an awesome day!

  5. Eileen says:

    They are great it was a great day and you captured it all

  6. Karen Hansen says:

    Every picture is amazing!

  7. Miranda Amato Lozano says:

    Beautiful wedding and pictures. Congrats Ashley

  8. Lindsey says:

    Looks like a wedding of a lifetime, and looks like your photographer did an awesome job and captured all the important moments:) i got tears just picturing it all and how perfect it all looked. Congrats to you both!!!

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