April & Mick

I first met April & Mick on a chilly day back in October. We shot some engagement photos and sat down for coffee afterwards to discuss their wedding day. I learned that they are both school teachers and huge Wisconsin Badger fans. They explained that their wedding would be very non-traditional with only a few close friends and family members. Fast forward nine months later and there we were, at Merrimac Memorial Park during the hottest day of the summer. The lakefront view was nothing short of amazing. Guests set up their lawn chairs and watched Mick, in his red bowtie and converse shoes, anxiously awaiting his bride. Off to the right, a train crossed the Merrimac bridge and Lynn (the officiant and April’s aunt) informed us that April was stuck behind it. A few minutes later, the guests noticed a car pull up, and a pair of red converse shoes step out. April walked quickly and happily down the aisle, clearly so excited to see her groom.  Every time I shoot a wedding, one of my favorite moments is watching the groom see his bride for the first time. I am pretty certain that at that moment, Mick was the happiest person on Earth. With tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces, they held hands and the ceremony began. Mick and April were both giggly and teary-eyed as they exchanged their vows. Towards the end of the ceremony, right before announcing April & Mick as husband and wife, Lynn had the couple hold hands, look each other in the eyes and really take in the moment. Explaining to them that their special day will go by fast and that THIS was the moment, after all the planning, that they had been waiting for for so long. After informing the couple that they could now change their Facebook status, Lynn announced them husband and wife. The two joyfully walked down the path for the first time as a married couple. After the ceremony, we hopped on the Merrimac Ferry to head over to the reception. April & Mick let me know that they had received permission to go to the top for some photos. I’m not going to lie, I was super excited. The VIEW from up there was INCREDIBLE! We had exactly 7 minutes to capture these photos. It was definitely thrilling to say the least. We then got back into our vehicles and drove to the BEAUTIFUL Manke Barn. It was simply decorated with wine bottles at each table, Wisconsin Badger cornhole games lining the yard, and giant Jinga blocks for guests to sign in lieu of a guestbook. April & Mick sported their Badger sunglasses and spent the evening mingling with their friends and family. Although it was hot, the guests seemed to have an amazing time celebrating the marriage of this couple so truly in love. 
April & Mick, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me along to capture your big day. I wish you the very best and hope that these photographs will allow you to remember the day you became husband and wife. <3

  1. Sally Maier says:

    Wonderful photo’s xoxoxo

  2. Sandy Osterman says:

    So beautiful !!!! You definitely captured this amazing couple!!!

  3. Jill Dorfler says:

    These pictures are so beautiful, and so you two!!!

  4. Robin Engle says:

    What a great day for a great couple:). Congratulations! Wonderful pictures really captured the moment.

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